Spectacular interviews of a composer tailored to his time

Spectacular interviews of a composer tailored to his time

Pascal Huin is the guest of honor at the Journal of Classic this Wednesday, March 10, and is responsible for editing Kurt Weil’s texts and interviews that have just been published.

Kurt Weil was also an intellectual theorist and journalist

“Kurt Weil, from Berlin to Broadway” It is the title of a fascinating work published by Philharmonie de Paris, combining writings and interviews from 1924 to 1950. Because Opera de Quart is a composer, de mahogany and an intellectual theorist and journalist by the standards of American musical comedy. He was very attentive to his time, technologically innovative, and focused on the political, artistic, and sporting events of the first half of the 20th century, and is a witness and commentator on an era marked by many uprisings.

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His texts were in his own creative process, in search of a musical, beginning with Bertolt Brecht in Germany and later being developed on Broadway stages. Its language wanted to be avant-garde because it was close to people and connected with the times. “I believe the best art is always present: it is not designed for eternity, but for its production time or at least for the future, it should help build” He writes, emphasizing the usefulness of art, in parallel with science, journalism or politics. Art, according to him: “Not to entertain, not to educate, not to be global anymore, but to have a social career”.

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