Serious insult to Islam from a far-right MP in Sweden!

Serious insult to Islam from a far-right MP in Sweden!

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SwedenSwedish Democrat deputy participates in a talk show on “multiculturalism” on state television SVD Richard JomschoffHe described those living in Muslim countries as “unfortunate” and said, “I suffer with all the people who have to be born in these countries because Islam is an abominable ideology and religion.” He spoke.

Green Party co-chair and Equality Minister Marta Stevie said in response to Jomshop’s words on her Twitter account that she could not accept the words. “Swedish Democrats express Islamic phobia and hatred for the majority of Swedish society. Growing children in Sweden should not be hated regardless of religion,” Stenevi said. Used expressions.

Liberal Center leader Annie Loeff stressed on her Twitter account that the Swedish Democratic Party was a racist, populist party.

“They do not even deal with their own Islamic phobia. There are Muslims in Sweden who go to work or school every day. It is not right to accuse them of extremism or Islam,” Lof said. He spoke in form.

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Linkorping Municipality Mayor Muharrem Demirok, who is responsible for the environment and social planning, said in a statement on his social media account Facebook:

“I just accept Islam as a Muslim. This means I’m a disgusting person in the eyes of the Swedish Democrats. It means my children, relatives and friends are a disgusting person. Those who elect Swedish democrats, you can definitely say they hate it in the eyes of my children. Can you?”

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