France wants to push its vision of responsible business in the ongoing European reform

France wants to push its vision of responsible business in the ongoing European reform

In order to believe that the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and the Green Accord in general, can be achieved, the EU should better target investments in more stable companies. To do this, companies and investors need to reform the required environmental and social reporting framework. The object of technological origin is the object of fierce international war. Because it will really shape the very best politics and economy of tomorrow.

This is one of Olivia Grogoyer’s priorities. Reporting on the overall performance of companies makes it possible to report not only financial decisions, but also environmental, social and personality (ESG) implications, which are central to the Secretary’s agenda for assessing their sustainability. ‘ThisIn the stateThisSocial, integrated and responsible economy. Does so “The power of capitalism“, She pointed inside Essentials of a fixed fund. But “Freedom and Sovereignty of Europe “, She gives an assurance Tribune EELV MEP signed with Pascal Durand.

Time is running out as Europe, as part of its Green Deal, is reforming its ESG reporting framework for better direct cash flow to more stable companies. France wants to protect an “institution.”Environmental and social ambition criteriaIts Terms (1), which are dedicated to investors, have already encouraged disclosure regulation to take effect from 10 March.

War is now part of the business. Here again, the French framework – the forerunner – promoted the European regulations of 2014, which apply to 6,000 companies. But environmental and social emergencies and sustainable funding call for the expansion and consolidation of corporate ESG information, which is very diverse and of very low quality, distinguishes and compares very standard models.

A “very political” meaning

The European Commission is set to present a plan to amend the Non-Financial Reporting Order (NFRD) this March. France has already taken advantage of the advice it opened a few months ago to hear its voice. It wants to establish a strong structure, pushing well-established French companies in the matter, and proportionately not to penalize those behind and the smallest (more than 250 employees).

Stocks are high. Because this means, “Technology in appearance“, Really”Very political“Olivia wants to remind Grogoyer. “Being at risk is no less than the future of European freedom and sovereignty and the pursuit of the goals of a sustainable society that respects human, social and environmental rights.”, Assure the SecretaryThisTodd and Pascal Durand in their gallery. However, while everyone agrees on the need for a common international language to define the sustainability of companies, European and American soldiers are engaged in a fierce battle to impose their vision: and focus on generosity and benevolence. ThisThe United States is more focused on strategy, but also on regulation and the political trend to be taken in Europe.

I know “Impose additional financial standards“, Similar to accounting standards in the 2000s, were later acquired by European financial rating agencies by US financial rating agencies. “It would be a major political error with serious economic consequences.”, Warn forum authors. To avoid that, “So it is up to governments, civil society and corporations to seize this now.”. “The Evolution of Capitalism Towards a Sustainable, Flexible and Inclusive Model “.

Beatrice Herod, at Beatrice

(1) Article 173 of the Energy Change and Green Development Programming Act, now Article 29 of the Climate Energy Act.

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