Giannis et Michael Jordan

Unable to play, Giannis joins Michael Jordan in history!

All-Star Game MVP, Giannis Antotoga ounpo clearly did not steal his title. The Bucks player exploded the screen to the point of joining Michael Jordan, a certain man in history.

When the All-Star Game took place this Sunday evening, fans must have been logically a little disappointed. If there is a show, there is no suspense. In this meeting Team LeBron easily won with 170-150 points. Steff Curry and Damien Lillard shocked everyone A real long distance show, Enough to give some ideas.

However, there is no MVP. Giannis Antoto won the ounpo day Truly historic service : Unheard of for the All-Star Game. We cannot say that Buck stole this trophy.

As a bonus, Freak had the opportunity to join two prestigious names in NBA history: Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett. In fact, it is very rare for an ASG MVP to win other individual trophies. As reported, there is no doubt that the Bucks member is coming off well ESPN

Giannis joins Antedo oun Bo along with Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett as the only players to win MVP, All-Star Game MVP and Defenseman of the Year.

Kiyanis’ great achievement of finishing his CV a little more in the league. Even if he wins a title, he openly believes that a title will be added at the end of his life.

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Either way, the Bucks player is on the right track. His performance is memorable and will go down in history for a long time. Then, not everyone can claim the right to join Jordan in the story.

Giannis Antodoga ounpo with Michael Jordan? Yes, we can say that his evening was a success. He can smile even if the hardest part happens to him and Bucks: the search for the ring can begin again.

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