[Fiches Draft] Rondale Moore (WR), Swiss Army Knife | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Rondale Moore (WR), Swiss Army Knife |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Just over a month before the draft (April 29), the editorial staff of TouchDownDocu presents you with its annual “Draft Sheet”. 80 of the best university players to delight your favorite NFL team in 2021, 40 on offense and 40 on defense.

Rondale Moore – Recipient – 20 – Burdock – Jr.

Cut: 1 m 75

Weight: 82 kg

Estimated draft status: End of first round – Second round

Statistics 2020: 35 receptions, 270 yards

NFL Comparison: Steve Smith

Points forts

– Explosion
– Physique
– Tracks

In the American football world now getting pocket is all the rage. Rondale Moore fits this player axis exactly. With a huge explosion that testified to his 40-yard line on Purdue’s Pro Day (4.29 seconds), Purdue’s former member could have undermined many defenders because of his acceleration ability and the quality of his decks.

After landing, Moore had the electric ball in his hand, thanks to the downward and his lightning direction changes. In addition, despite having a physique, it may seem weak at first. It is very firm for communication and often deals with issues. In 2018, in his first year with the boiler makers, he was able to break 37 barriers. That year was his best at 114 receptions with 1,258 yards and 12 touchdowns.

He had very good hands and did not drop even when the guards came to guard the reception.

Finally, he can contribute to Return Kicks thanks to his athletic ability.

Weak points

One dimension
– Injuries
– Plot tree

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Despite his qualities, there are many gray areas about Rondale Moore. First, his physical condition is worrying. He has only played in seven games in the last two college seasons because of a major leg injury that kept him off the NCAA field. Judging by his style of play, this injury may be for many teams about him.

Later in Burdock he was used exclusively as a catcher in the slot. Although his plots were well executed, his plot was not properly delivered with wood boiler makers. For example, in 2018, of his 114 landings, 47 of them were screen passes and only 11 were intermediate passes. In addition, according to his measurements, he will be limited to the role of the recipient only in the slot or stages of the game, where he will be in motion to give him speed.

Possible locations

Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Auckland Riders

Rondale Moore has all the preparations for the first round selection, but unfortunately his long unavailability at the NCAA is likely to put the brakes on many owners. Owners who need a broader receiver, such as the Lions or Eagles, and teams targeting Curtis Samuel gimmicks should have the former Burdock member in their view. If the injuries leave him alone and he grows his plot tree, he can become a good number two catcher.


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