Towards inflation and rate hikes? … Environmental Debates on Sunday, March 7, 2021

Towards inflation and rate hikes?  ... Environmental Debates on Sunday, March 7, 2021
"Environmental Discussions " Sunday, March 07.
Sunday, March 07 “Debates on the Environment”. (Francinefo)

நடாச்ச வல்லா, Dean of the School of Management and Innovation at the Science Bow, and Christian de Boise, Vice President of the Circle of Economists, Guests of the “Environmental Debates” on Sunday, March 7.

Capitalism: What is the future for CEOs?

Emmanuel Faber, Danon’s chairman and CEO, is now chairman. He chairs but no longer runs. Very iconic. So this week two foreign investment funds were decided, the partners of the French agro-food multinational company. Emmanuel Faber, who has been criticized for his management and the low profits of the company he wanted to drive towards environmental change, will open up the chrysanthemums and have to deal with a director hired from the outside to “make money”. Is the Danone case a sign of the necessary evolution of capitalism? What is the place and impact of foreign funds in the management of large groups? What towers to raise against predators?

US stimulus plan: Should we fear rising inflation and rates?

$ 1.9 trillion! Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s successor at the White House, wants to implement a massive stimulus plan to fight the epidemic in the US Congress. Is this a successful strategy or is the economic warming and rising interest rates that are creating inflation detrimental to the global economy in general, especially in Europe? $ 1.9 trillion is being poured into the US economy: reason or unreasonable? – What are the implications for other developed economies (inflation)?

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