Beijing responds after US sanctions target Chinese companies

Beijing responds after US sanctions target Chinese companies

Under the rule of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, Relationships between Washington And Beijing Many nodes have deteriorated. Donald Trump It has taken numerous actions against Chinese companies at home and abroad. In fact, for some time now, Chinese companies have been increasing international pressure Washington. To United States, Many restrictions were imposed Huawei, A Chinese telecommunications company, thus preventing the company from accessing some essential US components.

After sanctions against Dictok, Donald Trump In its viewfinder, there are other Chinese apps as well QQWallet And WeChat of Tencent Or Alibaba, d ‘Ant group, Suspects he spied. On another level, 45e Chairman United States The decree was signed last November, which prohibits these fellow citizens from investing in Chinese companies that are suspected of supporting the People’s Republic of Army.

Defend the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese

In the face of all these measures that are putting Chinese companies in trouble abroad, Beijing 2021 introduced the new rules on Saturday 9th January. These rules are intended to oppose all of the terms he describes. “ Unfair Companies Some countries are tempted to use US rules against their companies and citizens. According to the Chinese Minister of Commerce, these rules ” Protecting legitimate rights and interests Protect the interests of Chinese businesses and citizens and China.

Fight against countries that play by the rules

Among other things, to establish provisions to prevent the rules ” Unnecessary alienation of foreign law and action “According to the minister, Chinese companies and citizens can launch counter-attacks against those who have attached themselves to the back United States By appreciating these measures. Chinese companies and citizens experience such discrimination because of foreign rules, which actually prevent and prevent them from engaging. ” Normal economic, business and related activities », They are requested to inform the authorities within 30 days.

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