These are the marches and activities planned in Bogot in memory of # 8M

These are the marches and activities planned in Bogot in memory of # 8M

Many feminist groups programmed rallies, workshops and other virtual venues to commemorate International Working Women’s Day.

This Monday, March 8, the International Day of Working Women In Bogot and other cities in the country there are mobilizations, workshops and educational activities organized by the Feminist Alliance and some political groups.

As for the parades, the groups cited meetings starting at 2:00 pm on two main issues: the Bogot Planetarium and the national park, which could lead to movement disabilities east of the capital.

The parade, which begins at the National Park, will move to Plaza de Bolivar, where a candlelight and concert will be held at 6:00 p.m. A walk will also be mentioned starting at 9:00 a.m. at San Guidano Park, located south of the city, and a stage will be set up.

Departing from the planetarium, the parade is a monument to “La Bola” located in the heart of the city, where the action ends at 5:00 p.m. The mobilized feminist partnership is planning several workshops at 3:00 pm targeting this mobilization mothers, women and adolescents.

Some of the basic recommendations of the groups calling for mobilization are the mandatory and permanent use of antibacterial and masks. Ask them to bring posters, cardboard, markers, paint, candles and black clothes for the planned activities.

In addition to the rallies, several speeches during the day and virtual educational venues are scheduled to talk about public gender policy and other issues in the structure of this Memorial Day. Keep in mind that the rallies were cited as places where there was no mixing, i.e., the presence of men would be prohibited even if they were photographers or cameramen, because it was intended to be a place to demonstrate women’s struggles.

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Since this Sunday, as a way to commemorate March 8th, several groups of women have rallied in San Cristobal with drums and banners. The full session of the Bogot Council also hosted the first session of the forum “Women 2021: The Challenge of Equity and Completion Gaps” as a prelude to a series of ongoing activities in the District Council. In this session, a recognition was given to the women working in the company, who correspond to 33% of employees.

In addition to the mobilizations in Bogot, feminist groups in the country planned similar venues in Barranquilla (Flag Monument at 3:00 pm and Plaza de la Pass at 4:00 pm); Bukaramanga (Park San Pao from 3:00 pm); Gali (Gloriatta de Silos at 4:00 pm); Cartagena (court at 2:00 pm); Coca-Cola (Santander Park, 3:00 p.m.).

There will also be demonstrations in Ibaho (Park Calarsa, from 3:00 pm); Manisalas (National Palace, 4:00 pm); Florence (Cesca, by appointment at 8:30 pm); Medellin (San Antonio Park, 2:00 p.m.); Pasto (Park Santiago, from 00:00); Pereira (Independence Park 3:00 pm); Villavicencio (Park Banderas, sit-in from 7:00 pm), and Bobain (Caloria Bario Bolivar, 9:00 am).

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