US Political Direct Updates: Republicans urge not to oppose US election despite Donald Trump refusal to accept decision

US Political Direct Updates: Republicans urge not to oppose US election despite Donald Trump refusal to accept decision

McConnell drew a line in the sand today


Going back to Mitch McCann as I said. He did not publicly acknowledge Pyton’s victory today.

McConnell, along with his superiors, is said to have The election in January put pressure on other Senate Republicans not to engage in any Shenanigans as Congress counts the college’s votes..

Quick diversion to explain how it works. The Congress election in January will count the votes of the college – complete The final step Throughout this whole process. But after the count, Members of Congress can object To vote in a particular state. If A member from the House and Senate subject, Rooms to go and Discuss the objection Up to two hours. They both vote, and If they both support that objection, The The results of that state are excluded. Now, this process The success rate in 2020, however, was 0 percent, Because Democrats control the House and will vote for any attempt to block the results. But it may have been included Extra drama, distraction and delay Joe Biden is officially recognized by Congress as the nominee.

So, if anyone in the House who supports Trump wants to oppose a state vote in January, They need someone from the Senate to join them To take any process.

According to Reuters, McConnell, He told his Senate Republicans not to get involved in it.

Of course, he cannot force them. But McConnell is ordering harsh discipline on his Republican senators for a reason. That’s a big signal McConnell is pleasing Donald Trump’s opinion that the election is controversial, And significantly reduces the chances of any drama occurring in January.

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Trump has so far not taken pity on his allies who have done this (See Bill Bar, for example), But McConnell does not serve Trump’s pleasure. It will be visible to see how it works.

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