Sergio Corbusci’s Classic Coming Soon in 4K Ultra HD

Sergio Corbusci's Classic Coming Soon in 4K Ultra HD

Classic Italian West Django (1966), directed by Sergio Corpus and directed by Franco Nero, will be released in the spring of 2021 in the United States on 4K Ultra HD.

After the Civil War, Janko (Franco Nero), dressed in a northern uniform and carrying a coffin behind him, confronts two powerful men, American Jackson (Eduardo Rozardo) and Mexican Rodriguez (Jose Podlo) who influence the US-Mexico border.

A Baroque Awareness

In the mid-1960s, Sechrio Gorbusi was given the task of filming a tumultuous Western film capable of competing with the mighty. For a few dollars (1964) by Sergio Leon. Despite the very short production time, Sergio goes with Corbusi Django, To shoot an influential work, if it is not equal to Lyon, will forever mark the audience with the character of its Baroque awareness.

Tribute to Tarantino

The character’s fame will open up to Franco Nero, although in the absence of Mark Damon (Three faces of fear, Fall of House Usher), And international life. Yes Django Owned for about thirty unofficial sequels (none of Corbyn, Nero or both), Franco Nero will officially resume this role Django’s big comeback Directed by Nello Rosatti in 1987. The Italian actor will also make a cameo Django Unchained De Tarantino, a tribute to the original film.

The largest version of the arrow

The American publisher Arrow will release in 2021 – probably in May 2021 – the 4K UHD version of the film’s HDR Dolby Vision, the bonus exploded (audio comments, interviews with Sergio Corpus’s widow Franco Nero, screenwriters and later assistant director Rugero Diodo (Cannibal Holocaust)… This film will be sold with the second Blu-ray of the Italian West Texas Audios (1966), directed by Franco Nero and directed by Ferdinando Balti. The second program offers several bonuses. To pre-order this version and view the exact details of the additions, Meet here.

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