| IPhone Controversy: Deleted by Vinodini ED will be investigated

|  IPhone Controversy: Deleted by Vinodini ED will be investigated
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Kochi: The Enforcement Directorate will investigate Vinodini, the wife of CPM politburo member Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. ED alleges that Vinodini got one of the iPhones related to the Life Mission deal. Checking. Unitech owner Santosh Eben has been named the first accused in the Life Mission and dollar smuggling scandal. A new lawsuit was filed. In this case, it is called entertainment. The ED says more people are involved in life mission bribery abroad in dollars, life mission missions and money laundering. Suspicious.
Santosh Eban said that he had given Rs 6 crore to Swapna Suresh, who is accused in a gold smuggling case, for getting a contract in the Life Mission contract. Later, Santosh admitted that he dreamed of six more mobile phones and bought them. Santosh Eben replied that he did not give the phone to Vinodini and Vinodini replied that he did not know Santosh Eben. Then Vinodini has to explain how she got the phone.
Customs has found that one of the six iPhones bought for the main accused in the Santosh Eben gold smuggling case was used by Swapna Suresh for entertainment. According to customs, the phone used a SIM card in Vinodini’s name. Priced at Rs 1.13 lakh, it is the most expensive iPhone bought by Santosh Eben.
Customs sent a notice to Vinodini on Wednesday to explain. Upon completion of the customs investigation, E.T. Invited to entertainment. Before that, the dreamer will go to jail and be interrogated again. As soon as Santosh Eepan was arrested, E.T. Will be registered.
Federal agencies have decided that Santosh Eben bribed iPhones for his dream of getting involved in dollar debt, gold smuggling and the Life Mission. The phone was switched off when news of the gold smuggling case came in, but the IMEI did not respond. Indications that the customs SIM card and the person who used it were found using the number.

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