Healthy patients can be vaccinated with co-morbidities

Healthy patients can be vaccinated with co-morbidities

At a digital press conference for the vaccination task force Saturday afternoon, Frank Robben said he would be “masked” by adding healthy people to the list of dangerous patients.

Employers may not know if their employees are suffering from a joint disease. The idea is to integrate a “limited percentage” of healthy patients. Mr. According to Robben, the 90% -10% ratio has already been mentioned. “But this decision must ultimately be made at the political level, not me. We must ensure the balance between health and privacy.”

Meanwhile, Frank Robben continues to work on inventory lists at vaccination centers. People can register to get the vaccine available at their local immunization center. These lists can only contain persons who have returned to its mode, i.e., those over 65 years of age. “In about a week and a half, the system should be fully operational,” he said.

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