Amazing view of the Hubble Space Telescope “Lost Galaxy” ether

Amazing view of the Hubble Space Telescope "Lost Galaxy" ether

The Hubble Space Telescope called this sharp display of the NGC 4535 the “Lost Galaxy”.

ESA / Hubble and NASA, J. Lee and PHANGS-HST Group

There are many beautiful galaxies in the universe, but in reality it is difficult to lift a tall spiral, a kind of galaxy, which shines with hands that glow in the darkness of the universe. For this reason, a new image of the NGC 4535 galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope will be displayed.

The NGC 4535 has an attractive nickname: the Lost Galaxy. This is not really a lost place, but it’s based on how luxurious devices like the Hubble are.

“Despite the incredible quality of this image captured by NASA / ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope, the NGC 4535 is dim and somewhat predatory when viewed from a small telescope.” The European Space Agency said this on Friday.

According to the ESA, amateur astronomer Leyland S. Copeland discovered the galaxy in the 1950s and nicknamed it the Strange Lost Galaxy in honor of its etheric existence.

NASA also shared the image This week. NASA and ESA operate Hubble together. The image of the space telescope shows an astonishing amount of detail. Bright blue dots hanging from young, hot stars. The bright colors near the center reveal old and cool stars.

Lost is part of the galaxy’s vision Physics, high-angle study of nearby galaxies or PHANGSThis includes collecting data on star formation. The Milky Way lives in Virgo 50 million light years from Earth, but Hubble feels closer to home.

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