Video: Dramatic fight over a shark between a fisherman and a giant crocodile

El cocodrilo rompió la línea de la caña y se llevó el tiburón

The protagonists of this story are Australians Jeff Trudeau and Knot Barnes who were on the Windham beach in Western Australia enjoying a fishing trip. Shark Black tip.

But when the quiet fishing day was interrupted The eight-foot-long saltwater crocodile clung to the injured shark. After cutting the fort, the men saw the reptile swimming away from the prey, only to swallow it by the river.

“We’ve been fishing for a few hours when Nat caught a black-dip shark. When we caught it, it Crocodile He wanted to have salt water. He grabbed his lungs very fast and caught it. Crocodiles are not shy around people, They are so happy to be around us. You have to be careful because they will eat you, ”Drewin assured:“ I have been photographing wildlife for 30 years and have seen crocodiles here many times in my life, but I have never had such a connection”.

Fortunately for both, this was not a full-fledged alligator, or the result could have been very different. “It was young, but it was still 2.5 meters long,” Trudeau said. “I got as close to the side of the boat as I wanted and I didn’t feel like losing my fingers. They could be very quiet when lying in the mud folds, but once he decides he’s hungry, he’s not going to leave it. They are very powerful”.


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