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It is now two weeks for the robot Land safely on the red planet After nearly 500 million kilometers of space travel.

The robot exited the landing for its first test round on Thursday. The ride, which lasted just over 33 minutes, went slightly back and forth and the six-wheeler pulled out of the fan again on Friday.

NASA engineer Aeneas Zarafian will be able to proudly show the wheel tracks on Mars on Friday.

– I’m never been happy to see Ruts, I ‘ve seen a good part of them. He said it was an important milestone for the mission.

NASA staff cheered both on as the Mars robot landed safely on the red planet and diligence made its first, shortest voyage.

The Mars robot landed safely on the red planet, and diligence cheered both NASA staff on its first, shortest voyage.

Photo: Bill Incals / AFP / NDP

Exploring the Delta River

Once the computer investigations are complete, the robot will go to an obsolete river delta and collect rocks, which he will take to Earth in a decade.

One of the seven science tools on board Giordar Rimfox, Norway. Rimfox will map the geography below the surface of Mars.

Perseverance rover since you have to work on Mars.

“Perseverance” as he wants to work on Mars. The value of this ship is more than NOK 20 billion.

Photo: NASA

You can follow “diligence”, rimfox and helicopter “ingenuity” You have a Twitter account.

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