4 Tricks You Don’t Know About “Hiding” Your iPhone

4 Tricks You Don't Know About "Hiding" Your iPhone

Mexico City.- Do you have an iPhone? It will definitely be useful for you to be aware of all the tricks you can use to use your smartphone.

You should know that Apple “hides” some options to help ease the use of your smartphone.

Quick feedback when you open your iPhone (from touch): When you open it with your face, you will feel a slight haptic response indicating that your device is open.

Settings – Access and go to Face ID.

Double or triple to activate functions: With the advent of iOS 14, this functionality has also come, with two or three trays on the back of the device, making it possible to perform some simple tasks such as taking a screen shot, raising and lowering the volume, activating Siri. Go to Control or Notification Center and lock the screen

Go to Settings – Access and below, touch the post. Once inside you have the opportunity to select actions when you touch twice and another when you touch three times. You need to have iPhone 8 or higher models to use this.

Optimal recharge: This process allows the iPhone to know your charging routine to minimize battery drain.

Go to Settings – Battery – Condition. Select the optimal recharge and it will learn your routine while using your iPhone.

Press and hold the settings to go to different levels: When you go into the configuration of your device, you have already entered several submenus, you have the option to return to a specific one, you only need to give a long touch on the top left side of the menu name. In it you will show previous menus through which you can quickly scroll.

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