Why football is called “football” in the United States

Why football is called "football" in the United States

If an American suggests that you play a “football” game, you are advised to opt out. If you do not weigh 200 kg. “Football” here refers to American football, while our football – the sport played at the age of 22 – is called “football”. But why this difference?

To answer this question, we need to go into the history of both games. In the 19th century, football was a term common to all games played with a ball, which earned points on the opposing team’s court. In other words, both rugby and (European) football fall into this category.

To solve the problems of rule inequality, a group of young athletes gathered at a meal in London and formed the Football Association. After intense negotiations, we consider it to have flown, which was published in 1863 “Book of Association Football Rules”, A work that encodes the rules of football as we know it today – and, following the development of these rules, which prevented the ball from being carried, the British student team invented rugby.

Here and in Europe, football coded by the Football Association was called “Association Football”. Until the day supporters decided to abbreviate “association” to “blockchain”. “Oxford University students used the word “socca” in 1889, and by 1895 the words “soccer” and “soccer” were predominant. In the same way, rugby was called “rucker”“, Mark L. Ford, the chairman mentions Association of Professional Football Researchers, Team of American Football Historians.

According to this expert, at that time, in the United States, one of the many versions of football played in the country, football and American football coexisted. Newspapers later coined the term “football” and “football”Distinguish between the two popular games of autumn“.

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These names have been put aside as “American football” has risen in the United States. A pool “. In contrast, “football” is not rooted in Great Britain and other parts of Europe. “This is a slang word. This is not a term used by serious athletes, Mark L. in advance. Ford. In the United States, American football has risenThis Popularly, not least, because university students wanted to play there to relax.To sink. It has become a university tradition, with enthusiastic leaders and the like. More colorful game than football.

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