Historical Images: NASA operates on Mars

Historical Images: NASA operates on Mars

It was only on February 19 that Perseverance successfully landed on Mars. After that, NASA was able to land and display new and unique images and images from the surface of the planet.

On Friday, two weeks after landing, NASA announced that the spacecraft had now hit the planet for the first time, writes Defender.

The small space probe traveled 6.5 meters and tested both inversion and rotation. All in all, the journey around Geserograt took half an hour to complete, which, according to NASA, should have been a successful voyage.

– It went incredibly well, says NASA engineer Anees Sarifine.

He also says it is a “major milestone” for NASA.

New pictures from “The Red Planet”

In the new pictures you can see tire tracks from the craft and large stones on the red surface.

Perseverance should have taken another trip on Friday as well. In total, the “Percy” can go up to 200 meters a day.

Perseverance has been sent to Mars in search of life believed to be a former lake. The craft will also collect rock dust and rocks that will be taken home to Earth in 2031.

But before the spacecraft can begin searching for life on Mars, it must undergo several tests by “Percy” engineers. This journey is a step in this direction.

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