“Apex Heroes” will launch a new “Chaos Theory” collection event on March 9 to celebrate the switch version of “Apex Legends”.

To celebrateApex Hero“Finally landing on Nintendo Switch on March 9th, EA and Respon Entertainment will jointly provide”Apex Hero“The Chaos Theory” collection function. This set runs from March 9 to March 23, with the theme of a vicious murder scientist “erosion” on the border. Will bring a new look.

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Apex HeroWhen Nt lands on the Nintendo Switch to welcome more players ready to join the Apex arena, the Switch version of the game supports cross-platform play and includes all the same features as the latest quarterly content and other versions of the game. When the game debuted on the smallest screen device in its working history, the development team also released a new trailer.

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The latest trailer content shows the limited time free popular modeling “PATH” of exclusive “Pathfinder” for switch players, and allows fans to get a glimpse of the updated achievements of their favorite heroes on the gaming platform. Whether played anywhere in dock mode or portable mode, players can enjoy the pleasure of sinking in the arena and destroying their opponents.

Switch players who join the “Super Smash Brothers” Season 8 Battle pass 30 levels for free, and have the opportunity to earn double experience points in the first two weeks when the switch version of the game hits the road.

Functional information for this theme

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  • “Erosion” small town occupation

  The main feature of this occupation is the brand new “itch treatment”. Players will face a huge “mousetrap” in which there is a large number of high-quality loot, so that all the heroes looking for delicious cheese will get the aroma. This facility is specially built to prevent fuel leakage from the “crash site”. Players must first go to the center of the facility to expel the toxin within a short time of entering the four cages. Robbery.

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  • “Hopefully Fury” is an enhanced aggression campaign

The new game mode to improve aggression will create at least one “circle of fire” in the current circle on the “Circle Fury” map. This special turn in the arena brings unexpected changes to the regular Battle Royale players trapped in the “circle of fire” and the current round circle will suffer the same damage. Soldiers can put on a new item “heat shield” to temporarily create a defense force field to counter the deadly effect of the “fire circle”. In addition, the “thermal shield” will be placed in the new “Survival Material Column” so players do not have to choose between public loot, “mobile regeneration signal station” or “thermal shield” and other special items.

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  • “Chaos Theory” Collection Function

  The content of the event will include the famous “Glebo” and “EVA-8” armored forms, daily rewards and challenges and a new reward path for receiving beauty products including a collection of 24 new themes. All items are open for direct purchase (Apex coins or synthetic metals may be used), and can also be obtained through the event Apex package during the event. Players who receive all 24 event items can inherit “Bangalore”. After the event, the heirloom will be opened to all players through the heirloom package.

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With this new game, enter the playlist of your choice as a single hero, without teaming up with other players. This feature gives players a huge creative space, allowing players to play in their own way.

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