For Joe Montana, Tom Brady is “definitely” the biggest

For Joe Montana, Tom Brady is “definitely” the biggest

Montana, who has long been a key figure in the post, told ESPN that he believes the debate over Brady’s position in the game was resolved before the last Super Bowl.

“I think Tom took his place a long time ago.”, Said four-time NFL Championship winner Montana. “He’s a wonderful professional, fun to watch. Everyone always argues on this topic, but if you look at what Tom has achieved, it definitely tops the list for him.”

Montana, Statue of Brady

“There are a lot of fantastic guys […] It’s hard to compare them, but if you look closely, yes, it’s definitely Tom. “ After all, he added.

Brady grew up idolizing Montana in Northern California, and always refused to comment when asked where he sees himself in relation to, in the style of the NFL quarterback.

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