Bordeaux new gateway to US cloud in Europe?

Bordeaux new gateway to US cloud in Europe?

Data centers PX1 Built by the American company Equinix, the latter is already well established in L-D-France New Data centers. However, this is only part of it Optics Novel-Aquitaine is bigger than data storage and will be an opportunity for the region To create Its economy and especially the digital sector by benefiting the ecosystem of local economic start-ups. The data center will make the connection thanks to the new submarine cable Friendship America to Europe. Owns more than the latter 80% Through Facebook, Orange French contains only part of the cable located in regional waters. He Connecting Two continents by three continents: Lynn Cable Landing Station for the United States, Peugeot Cable Landing Station for the United Kingdom and Le Borg Cable Landing Station Connectora BX1 Equinox facilities in France and other parts of Europe, especially in L-de-France. Finally, the data center also includes a dimension Environment Due to the electricity generated by renewable energy.

While the creation of a new hub in southwestern France is economically good news, the project raises difficulties facing Europe in controlling the circulation of data in its region. In addition to a protocol shield, referred to RGPD This makes it possible to protect the data of Europeans, who, in the absence of a champion in this matter, are struggling to get the solid and vague infrastructure that supports the digital world. This is a testament to Microsoft’s choice of France as the provider of the Health Data Hub’s health data platform, demonstrating the old continent ‘s awareness of the difficulties of protecting and implementing individual continents. Durable solutions.

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