The real reason why Westbrook asked for his business was revealed

Russell Westbrook des Houston Rockets

After a short season on the Houston side, Russell Westbrook decided to leave and join the guides. The reasons for his departure have long been the subject of a wide-ranging investigation, but it is not believed that the real motive has yet been specified.

The 2019-20 regular season ended with a somewhat disappointing 4th in the West, and after the playoffs in the semifinals of the conference, divorce seemed almost inevitable. The Lakers won 1-4, only to see a combined rematch between the Rockets James Horton And Russell Westbrook. The reaction did not take long.

A few months later, fans of the owners quickly became aware of the transfer demands of the two superstars. In the case of the bearded man, his justifications were clear. He considered his time in Houston and wanted to join a team with a high chance of winning the title.

On the other hand, those who pushed Russ West to follow him were subject to disagreement among the natives. For some, Horton’s frequent nightlife may have pushed him out of bounds. For others, it is Disaster management of rockets He would have made his choice in a hurry. But according to Inforbot Esnashari Bleacher Report, The truth will be very different.

On November 11, Horton Russell told Westbrook that he wanted to trade in Brooklyn. Westbrook was told to leave because of this. Not because of Horton’s love for the party or problems with rockets, but because Horton wanted to leave, according to several sources close to the rockets.

This is the time of release. On November 12, Shams Sarania made public his request for a transfer to Westbrook. After some rumors, it’s Horton’s Houston Chronicle Relate. In fact, two people would have made this decision at the same time.

Brady, who has never been able to find his feet in Texas, can understand this. Only his friendship with the 2018 MVP could have pushed him to continue the adventure there. But when the latter planned to leave the franchise, nothing stopped him. After 4 months, he is running the floors in a guide jersey.

Forget the cold-blooded Hallway rumors between James Horton and Russell Westbrook: their merger would have ultimately been the subject of a consultation. After the truth, we can estimate that one of them will get better way than the other.

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