A Prince in New York: Eddie Murphy had to add a white character

A Prince in New York: Eddie Murphy had to add a white character

Eddie Murphy in the 1980s and in the production of “A Prince in New York”, the studio advised him to hire a white actor for the film.

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With the release of A Prince on Amazon Prime video this Friday under the name of Edis Murphy Prince Akhim, the actor is gradually returning to filming events from the first film, revealing that it is a cult comedy from the 80s. It forced him to appoint at least one white actor to his film. A memory in Murphy is even clearer Cinema Blend :

At the time, in the 80s, seeing the entire cast made up of blacks, Paramount said to himself: “There has to be a white man in the film”. What Am I?” I was like, who was the funny white guy at the time? We know Louie is cool, and that’s what he ended up doing in the movie.

Murphy speaks openly about Louis Anderson, the American comedian who won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Basket Series. Although his name is not well known outside the United States, he is also recognized as one of the best comedians. Ferris Fuller’s The Wild of the Wild fans may have known him visually because he appears as a cameo as a florist. This video). As he starred in A Prince in New York, Anderson says he got the area today because he paid for a big Eddie Murphy restaurant bill:

A prince in New York The film was directed by John Landis and released in the summer of 1988 in France. On his 21st birthday, he tells her how to tell him that Prince Ahim’s parents chose a wife for him. Akhim, who is determined to find the best woman, decides to go to New York and find her. The film grossed $ 8,288 million worldwide, with an estimated budget of $ 36 million (including 8 for Murphy, the author of the story).

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Allocine offers you a quote from the original movie online and live, in the presence of great dubbed voices such as Lucian Jean-Baptiste, Mac Tara and Christophe Byroux, as Prince of New York is in the news.

I reserve my place for Kovacs!

Vintage Trailer:

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