'The Walking Dead' actor Ilan Srulovi on the abolition of culture and media censorship: 'It's Orwellian'

‘The Walking Dead’ actor Ilan Srulovi on the abolition of culture and media censorship: ‘It’s Orwellian’

Walking dead“The actor Ilan Sarolovich Appeared “Focus on FaulknerMonday to discuss what he sees as a growing trend for cultural eradication and censorship of conservative voices in the United States.

In addition to acting, Srulovich is the CEO and founder of Kart Watch Co., which recently released a video.What is freedom – a message to all of us“In an attempt to shed light on what he believes is an issue of concern to the mainstream media and censorship of dissent in Hollywood.”

He explained: “I thought it was very important for a company to get out of this position.” “It simply came to our notice then. So I put my company Accord behind me. We have a lot of followers and I wanted to start resisting the serious censorship we see these days. He wanted to show that companies can also take a stand. I think this is very important. “

He then discussed the top five U.S. companies with the most control over the flow of information.

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He continued: “The foundation of any nation for the betterment of any society will be established on the basis of the idea of ​​freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of thought. We have been experiencing this decline for some time. I mean, this is not a new concept. Like I said, he’s an Orwellian. That is, he wrote. “People have been warning about this for decades. People are now saying we need to republish to think the way we think I do not care about any side of where you are right now. We can come out and say, ‘Hey, that’s a mistake.’ We can talk. We can have a discussion when it’s out of the equation. “

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These last weeks, Alexandria, subsidiary of the Oaxaco-Cortez He suggested ways to reform the flow of information in the United States, including media literacy efforts to help Press “Hold” And anti-misinformation. Meanwhile, Katie Gorek went a step further and thought specifically about Bill Maher’s show to Republicans. Donald Trump They need support Not planned in one way or another.

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Cherulov concluded by saying that Hollywood would play a key role in fighting or verifying censorship.

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He explained, “If you’ve been in Hollywood, if you have a different opinion about what Hollywood considers acceptable, you are wrong, you are being targeted, your life is over.” “Hollywood really sets trends. It defines culture. It’s a real cultural war. We have to re-accept that we don’t agree with each other and have different opinions.”

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