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Devin Booker 13 février 2020

This is a 2020-21 special gift, every morning you can enjoy the return of last night, the point for those who can not get up, those who are lazy to read reuses or simply want to get. That night in the NBA? Ja Morant enjoying his journey to the capital, the little breathing Celtics, the unbeaten Nate Macmillan, the mischievous Knicks, the enticing nuggets and the Suns smashing their fists at the table.

  • Guides – Chrysalis: 111-125
  • Celtics – Clippers: 117-112
  • Heat – Hawks: 80-94
  • Spurs – Knicks: 119-93
  • Bucks – Nugget: 97-128
  • Lockers – Suns: 104-114
  • Raptors-Pistons: Postponed

– What to remember

– Some memories of the night

– Low Top Big and DDFL: Nicola Jogic

– Top 10: Click here or wait a bit

– Classification:

Rank 3 March 2021

– Next night’s meetings:

  • 1st: Caves-Pacers
  • 1st: Sixers-Jazz
  • 1st: Raptors-pistons
  • 1:30 pm: Rockets-nets
  • 2nd: Magic-Hawks
  • 2nd: Wolves-Hornets
  • 2nd: Pelicans-Bulls
  • 2:30 pm: Maws-Thunder
  • 4th: Blazers-Warriors
  • 4th: Kings-Lakers

So much so that you can revisit the night, the four-hour NBA and six games are summarized on a piece of paper that you can read with your coffee and your croissants before you go to work, and you are lucky. With that, it’s time to get some sleep, isn’t it so see you soon!

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