NFL | Texans Quarterback releases Josh McGowan

NFL |  Texans Quarterback releases Josh McGowan

(Houston) Houston Texans senior quarterback Josh McGowan was released on Monday, ending the lives of 18-season players in the National Football League.

Associated Press

In November, Texans signed McGowan to a contract, but he did not appear in any games.

McCown, 41, joined Texans after starting the first moments of the season with the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff.

This character was allowed to stay at his home in Texas because of the epidemic, rather than traveling to Philadelphia.

His last game was in January 2020 when he defeated the injured Carson Vents 17-9 in a playoff game for the Seattle Seahawks.

In addition to the Texans and Eagles, McCaw has played for the Arizona Cardinals, the Detroit Lions, the Oakland Riders, the Carolina Panthers, the Chicago Pierce, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Browns in Cleveland and the New York Jets.

In his career, McGowan has appeared in 102 games and amassed 17,731 passing yards. He completed 98 Touch Downs.

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