Half a billion in 10 years: Patrick Mahomes or the biggest deal in game history

Half a billion in 10 years: Patrick Mahomes or the biggest deal in game history

A historic deal. ESPN, through the most intelligent Adam Schifter ever, announced on Monday night that Patrick Mahomes will be signing with his rightful Kansas mayor for the longest time. The young quarterback is expected to start a ten-year deal with the winner of the last Super Bowl, all of which totals $ 503 million. Never seen. Not in the NFL or any other sport.


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Designed by Kansas City in 10th place in 2017, Mahomes quickly established himself as an essential leader of chiefs and one of the best quarterbacks in the country. He became the first player in history to win the MVP title and the Under-25 Super Bowl victory. Mahomes was about to enter the final season of his rookie contract, but his managers had already decided to use this option in his 5th season, confirming he would be on the team until the end of 2021.

But that is not enough for Kansas City. Leaders who knew there was a gem, wanted to see more and more great ones. This new ten year contract will tie Mahomes to his team for the next twelve seasons, until the end of the season … 2031. By then Mahomes will be 36 years old. This post is nothing more than the appointment age. There is definitely a component of risk with this type of commitment for a very long time, especially if the player has serious injuries. But the reigning champion realized that this game was worth the candle.

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Microut wiped the shelves

According to Patrick Mahomes, this is the jackpot. According to ESPN and NFL.com, the total contract amount is 3 503 million, which averages more than 50 million per season, and up to $ 140 million is guaranteed for injury. The most long-term contract of this type is usually baseball protection. But if this is relatively common in the MLP, it is the NFL.

Last March, Mike Trout pledged with Los Angeles Angels for 12 years and $ 426 million. With a deal to break this record, Mahomes will wipe it off the shelves, which is always very lucrative. If he knows he has to touch 2.8 million this season and the next 24.8 (his preferred year), the player can collect 530 million over the next twelve years.

At the NFL level, this deal will set completely new standards. In comparison, the previous record belongs to another quarterback, Matt Ryan, who in 2018 extended the Atlanta Falcons to 150 million in five years. We are in another dimension. This is the first time in the history of the game that a player has signed a contract worth over half a billion dollars. This is the first time an NFL player has achieved this feat. Patrick Mahomes is definitely not a quarterback like the others …

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