Yankees fans misrepresent Lourdes Curiel Jr.

Yankees fans misrepresent Lourdes Curiel Jr.

Finally! Baseball finally returned yesterday as both Ligu des Bombalmouse and Ligu des Cactus soared into the sky.

Apparently, the resumption of baseball has given us the right to recall well-known noises: the sound of a well-slapped ball, a direct throw at the first paceman’s glove and, in some places, noise fans.

And, of course, we were treated to a fun moment.

In fact, during the game between the Jays and the Yankees, the Bronx bombing fans were on the stand. They obviously heard their voices, but throughout the match, they seemed to hit a player for no particular apparent reason: Lourdes Curiel Jr..

You will understand that this is a misunderstanding. Curiel Jr. is the brother of Yuli Curiel, who has been playing for the Astros for a number of years.

In short, when electronics were used to steal signals, these fans seemed to believe that the Jayce player was a member of the Astros. Except it doesn’t. In fact, he graduated, not even among the majors Show A year later on the Toronto side.


In connection with the repercussions of the theft of the signals, Detroit today asked about the mood of the Yankees members in anticipation of the conflict against the LTTE.

You will understand that the Tigers do not represent an interesting aspect of this conflict. Conversely, when he returns to major league baseball after being suspended for a year as Astros manager, it is their new manager AJ Hinch who will attract attention.

Basically the guys say it’s behind them, and they focus on the season. I also hope the Yankees members will not give a cold welcome to the Tigers manager, but I don’t think the fans will be the same.

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After all, if they yell at a team member’s brother, they won’t mind doing so with the manager.

Anyway, if you listened to the crowd yesterday and wondered why poor Lourdes Curiel Jr. was the target of the Yankees fans, now you have the answer. It remains to be seen how they will react against the Hinges (first answer at 1:05 pm) and then against the Astros. However, it is necessary to wait until May 4 to get an answer to this last question, i.e. during the regular season.

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