Seenfield Podcast One Episode At a Time # 88 S06E02 Great Salad

Seenfield Podcast One Episode At a Time # 88 S06E02 Great Salad

On the Seanfield Podcast: An Episode at a Time (produced by Cinema Premiere), we do exactly what the title suggests: Talk about one of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time ஒரு One episode per week. Join Carlos del Rio and Ivan Morales to talk about this classic show, 30 years after it was screened in Seanfield. Today in Seanfield: One Episode at a Time… Episode 6 of Season 6: “The Big Salad”, aired on September 29, 1994.

In this episode of the Seanfield podcast, we will talk about “The Big Salad” one episode at a time.

TV show Seanfield It was created by comedians and writers Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David and stars Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry), Julia Lewis-Trafus (Elaine Benz), Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer) and Jason Alexander (George). In addition to them, the series also featured several guest stars such as Jerry Stiller, Wayne Knight and Terry Hatcher. Seanfield’s first episode, then known as The Seanfield Chronicles (although later edited), aired on television in the United States on the night of July 5, 1989 and aired throughout nine seasons. During this period the show aired, producing and airing 180 episodes of 22 minutes each. The last episode of Seanfield (this podcast series) aired on NBC’s North American Signal on May 14, 1998.

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