Disappointment for Freebox Delta, the habit of following your WiFi network … Your best reactions to free and telecommunications news

Disappointment for Freebox Delta, Habits to Follow Your WiFi Network சிறந்த Your Best Reactions to Free and Telecom News

Universe Freebox handles free and telecommunications news and has always been a place where the community can express itself. Sometimes the answers are very funny, or very relevant, but you have to immerse yourself in the comments to find the good words of our readers. We offer you our small selection on this “best-off”.

The result of an option creates disappointment

It is official, The security option provided by Free will be discontinued Definitely by the end of April 2021. The relatively unknown option, launched in conjunction with Xavier Neil’s operator Axa Insurance, has halted its federalization. But for some, like Trekker, this option is a good argument for switching to the Freebox Delta. However, with another actor, he hopes for a new version of the will. Watch, but nothing is played.

Others, however, consider the Freebox Delta to be a player abandoned by Xavier Neil’s operator. Some popular features disappear or crash, which annoys the Jeremy 57100.

Is changing the name of your network a habit to take?

Some network names are missing Not compatible with repeater WiFi Freebox. In fact, it is important to avoid the words FAIL and OK, as you can connect your device to your Freebox network, as the free developers have pointed out. However, some people wonder about network name changes: is it very common?

We will also mention a bit of bad humor from the Atlantic that deserves to make people laugh!

A new solution for TV on the computer: Freonites have their own idea …

One of the freebox developers New solution for watching Freebox TV on PC via Freebox OS. But for some, issues such as Pidomacfly or PressScreoms, which prevent viewing on the computer (due to the death of the Flash plugin) may be an opportunity to launch a new opportunity See!

Change in Freebox Pop and Mini 4K, not clear enough yet!

In Rubric Updates received a product on Android TV , With a clear description of the various updates available on your Freebox Pop and Mini 4K. However, the process is still a bit long for the taste of some Freonads, and those who own the Freebox Revolution are laughing போல் As the saying goes, the number of apps in the Free Store explains many things!

Free as a partner, won?

Free is now a partner of State de Reims, With good logo on players’ shirts. If some football fans weren’t supporters of the team, the beats in our comments area would have exploded! Here is a little ontology.

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