A decisive week to change the course of the vaccine campaign

A decisive week to change the course of the vaccine campaign

CErrors, Errors, Pontocles வார்த்த There are plenty of words to describe the beginning of the vaccination campaign dedicated to frontline health workers. It is still being explored internationally, as it offers the following phase of “Law” aimed at the general public (over 65 and over Community patients), which will begin between 8 and March. 22 Depending on the region. In fact it is at these small or large vaccination centers that the general public will get their vaccine. Citizens will be invited in the same manner as the appointment is booked and booked. After all, these are the same vaccines that people get or can’t get. Therefore, concerns are growing between calls that do not come or are not sent to the right people, appointments that fill the centers with small droplets, citizens who do not come and those who refuse the astrogenic vaccine., The campaign turns out to be a failure.

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