A ceremonial float in the exceptional condition found in Pompeii

C’est un char de cérémonie dans un état de conservation étonnant que des archéologues viennent de mettre à jour du côté de Pompéi (Italie). © Parc archéologique de Pompéi

Four wheels. Tree. Iron elements. Above all, beautiful bronze and faux decorations. This is a ritual float exceptional invention “It simply came to our notice then Near P Pompeii.

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[EN VIDÉO] Archeology: The bodies of two men were exhumed north of Pompeii
Excavations at the beginning of the year in Pompeii revealed two new victims of Vesuvius’ past wrath. Find pictures of the work done by archaeologists on the site. © Pompeii Sites

That’s one Incredible invention What has been done by archaeologists who are currently excavating the villa Civita giuliana, Located in a district to the north murs The ancient city of Pompeii (Italy). A large ceremonial float with four wheels “Almost as it is”, With its components Do, Its beautiful Decorations In Bronze And en Tin, The rest Tree Mineralized and traces Materials Organic – ropes and floral decorations. Three horses – including the ones still in use – were discovered in 2018.

The purpose of the excavation project at this site is to reveal one of the most important villas Vesuvius area. Thus protecting it from predation. It was not until January 7 that archaeologists discovered an iron artifact. Several meters below the current level of the earth. In a place that researchers have now discovered Sluts In two stages, with a wooden ceiling and a grid Beams, Opens in a yard.

Italy’s first ceremonial float

With great care, archaeologists discovered a tank that had been miraculously preservedDecline The walls and ceiling of the room. But also by plunder in passing mines on both sides of the object. This is thanks to the cast Coating The researchers were finally able to extract Charcoal In all its complications. Now, material of immeasurable value is in the hands of restorators who are still working to remove some traces of volcanic material.

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“This is an extraordinary discovery for the knowledge of the ancient world. There has never been a ritual float before, a pilentum Used with moments of celebration, parades and processions Pompey, Not found in Italian soil. Looks like it was discovered fifteen years ago, in the north of Greece, near the Bulgarian border, with extra strong ornaments, Comments Outgoing Director of the Archaeological Park Massimo Osana, a Communication.

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