A fantastic discovery, they found a ritual cart preserved near Pompeii

A fantastic discovery, they found a ritual cart preserved near Pompeii

The carts invented so far were intended not only for such ceremonial ceremonies, but also for the normal functioning and movement of people and goods or agriculture.

As for the ceremonial cart, prints of organic materials such as mineralized wood parts and plant decorations were also found. The carriage was in the hall in front of the barn, where the remains of three horses were discovered in 2018.

“It’s an extraordinary discovery that changes our understanding of the old world,” Osanna said. According to him, the found cart was only on holidays – in parades or processions.

According to Reuters, the Ministry of Culture is talking about “unparalleled invention in Italy”.

Organized invention of the city since 1750

Pompeii is located 23 kilometers southeast of Naples and was inhabited by 13,000 people during Mount Vesuvius. So far, two-thirds of the city buried has been found. Organized excavations began in the mid-18th century, while the first ruins were discovered in the 16th century.

In Pompeii, they found a protected cart used only for ceremonies.

Photo: Pompeii Archaeological Park / Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism / Luigi Spina / Guide, Reuters

“Discoveries in Pompeii continue to amaze us, and it will continue for many years to come as we have to find 20 hectares,” said Culture Minister Tario Francescini.

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