Strong Solar Flare Causes Limited Radio Blackouts

The Sun Unleashes Potentially Disruptive Solar Flare

On Sunday, the Sun produced a powerful M-Class flare, sparking concerns about potential radio blackouts. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction office detected an impulsive M7.4 X-ray flare at 8:13 a.m. EDT, with the Solar Ultraviolet Imager on NOAA’s GOES East satellite capturing the event.

Solar flares of this magnitude can disrupt radio communications and even pose risks to space launches. Due to the intensity of the flare, moderate high-frequency radio blackouts are expected, with parts of North and South America likely to experience degraded frequencies.

These solar flares typically occur in active regions of the Sun, often associated with sunspot groups. Sunday’s flare originated from Active Region 3599.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory had been monitoring solar activity throughout the week leading up to the event, noting no flares until Sunday’s unexpected eruption. Scientists will continue to closely monitor the Sun’s activity to assess any potential impact on Earth’s technology and communications systems.

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