This is the minimum admission site for HEIs this year

This is the minimum admission site for HEIs this year

Departments can go from 0.8 to 1.20 to define the Minimum Admission Base (EPE) for candidates for higher education. It presents a ministerial decision published in the Government Gazette.

In particular, according to the latest regulation of the Ministry of Education (Act 4777/2021), a minimum basis for admission to universities in a science field has been established. The EPE is derived from the average performance of candidates in all four science disciplines. Each university department can adjust by lowering the average to 0.8 or increasing it to 1.2.

That is, if the average performance in the 1st science field is 10, the fields included in this field (philosophy, law, etc.) can define the EPE from 8 to 12.

Furthermore, specialized courses and practical tests are defined. It can range from 0.7 to 1.10.

In both cases the coefficient can be set to an integer with two decimal places, which is within the minimum and maximum values ​​above.

As an indicator, Mathematician-Analyst Mr. Based on the processing of data for the 2020 National Examination for “Q” by Stratos Stradicakis, EBEs for a scientific field are classified as follows:

1st in the field of science, The average performance of the Humanities and Social Sciences was 11.1, so the EPE can be set from 8.88 to 13.32.

2nd in the field of science, Science and Technology, The average performance of the candidates was 11.44, so the EPE range is from 9.15 to 13.72,

3 In the field of science, In health schools, the average is 11.56 and the range is 9.25 to 13.87

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4th in the field of science, Economics and information technology, averaging 9.81 and 7.85 to 11.77.

The EPE is valid from this year’s national exams. This rate can be changed by the decision of the department until 31st August each year and is valid from next year.

At the same time, the minister’s decision was published with criteria by which a regular school can be converted to a standard or experimental from the next school year.

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