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Τσιόδρας: Να σεβαστούμε το εμβόλιο ως ιερό αγαθό

“We have to follow the rules of science. We owe it to science Vaccine. “We value this vaccine and consider it a sacred benefit,” Mr Ciotros said.

“The new year for discovering the availability of vaccines, safe and effective vaccines, they were developed very quickly not only with scientific rules but also in the rules of law, and the rules of ethics, vaccines will help us as an important milestone in managing this epidemic”.

“Why should we be vaccinated?” He expressed this desire during his speech at the event titled. AUTh, Professor of Infectious Diseases, Mr. Sodriz Chiotras, Continued, Broadcast by “As the vaccination process is gradual, the number of vaccinated people will increase and we will see a significant contribution of the vaccine to manage this infection. All colleagues should be vaccinated and be patient for a few months until the immunity of the herd reaches the desired level. We must continue with the scientific rules. We are committed to this vaccine. We value this vaccine and consider it a sacred benefit. “

Honestly, Professor Theodoros Tertavasis, Dean, School of Health Sciences, AUTh Responding to a question from the event, he said: “The vaccine is the only way we can protect ourselves against the virus, but we must protect society as a whole. Only when the vast majority of the Greek population is immune can we talk about an end to the epidemic. “.

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