The case was closed. The culprit in the death of the dinosaurs is an asteroid twelve kilometers long

The case was closed.  The culprit in the death of the dinosaurs is an asteroid twelve kilometers long

Dinosaurs have dominated the Earth’s surface for 135 million years, but their results have been brutal and sudden. Scientists have now found the last necessary evidence that their destruction occurred as a result of an asteroid hitting Earth.

The long dominance theory of Destruction of dinosaurs Who talks about attacking the earth with an asteroid. Although they have appeared recently Arguments that a comet may have been behind the extinction. Meanwhile, the theory that volcanic activity on Earth has increased has passed.

However, this does not change the fact that as long as there is absolute certainty, scientists will always look for alternatives that are relevant to the data. Now, however, such scientists are having a very difficult time.

Dust Meteor The final proof

International team of scientists studying samples of collected materials From an impact groove சிக்க்சுலப் In the Yucatan Peninsula, they applied the chemical compound to meteor dust. Furthermore, as the population of dinosaurs on Earth declined sharply, samples ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters thick were taken 66 million years ago. It was in this layer that researchers found unusually high levels of iridium, which is not present in the Earth’s crust. Meteor is the place where you can see most of it.

Researchers argue that such things are not coincidental in geography, and that there is always a causal relationship between them. The samples were tested in four independent laboratories around the world, all of which are identical.

Moreover, fossil records show that dinosaurs ruled the earth for 135 million years, 66 million years ago, but almost all of them disappeared in 10-20 years. Only a global catastrophe, e.g. Caused by a massive asteroid collapse, which could lead to such large and rapid changes that 75% of the population will starve in a dozen or so years. Life on Earth.

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The authors of the study are convinced that this problem can be closed at this point. 66 million years ago, the entire future of the Earth was replaced by a rock about 12 km in diameter. For a long time, very little has been done … All mankind, thanks to this may even arise.

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