Heat: Hard to go back

Heat: Hard to go back

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 7:40 pm – The heat of summer settling in Quebec will leave us next week, and we have the right to take a step back in temperature.

In short:

  • From warmth to freshness;
  • Equivalent second half;
  • The dessert will return at the end of April.

From a warm grove to a cool block

Currently there is an omega type atmospheric blockage, which is an anticyclone that protects the province from disturbances and allows the heat of the United States to rise over Quebec.

Hot volume

At the beginning of next week, this blockage will be avoided, while a new blockage will form with a hot bubble above the cold bubble.

Cool volume

Only Quebec will find itself in this cold bubble, while cold air will penetrate into Quebec.

Temperature differences can be significant. So we will take a step back.


Equivalent second half

This year, like last year, the first half of April is warmer than the second half.


From mid-April, it will find itself on the cold side across Canada.

On the other hand, although we are lower than normal, due to the high temperatures of the next few days, we will end the month of April with 1.5 விட C above the monthly normal in the south of the province.

Return to dessert

The cold will last after the 20th, but will gradually open up the possibility of a return of heat to May.


It remains to be seen whether May will allow the dessert to create a cozy place.

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