Myanmar ambassador to UN fired … ‘treason’

Myanmar ambassador to UN fired ... 'treason'
Myanmar ambassador to the United Nations has been fired for treason - photo 1.

Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations Kao Mo Tun – Photo: IND News

On February 27, MRTV, Radio Myanmar’s national television, Myanmar ambassador to the United Nations Kyaw Mo Tun has been fired, Reuters news agency reported.

Mr. Qao Mo Tun “betrayed the country and spoke to an informal organization that did not represent the country,” MRTV reported. Myanmar’s national television also accused the ambassador of “abusing his power and responsibility.”

The news came a day after Ambassador Kyaw Mo Tun urged the United Nations on Monday to use “any means necessary” to change the military plot.

At the time, Ambassador Qao Mo Tun was speaking at the UN General Assembly on behalf of Ms Aung San Suu Kyi’s civil administration. State Adviser Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Mint and several Myanmar individuals have been arrested in connection with the Myanmar military coup.

“More strong action is needed from the international community to bring an immediate end to the change of military regime, to stop the persecution of innocent people, to restore state power to the people and to restore the foundations. Democracy” – Ambassador Gao Mo Tun called urgently.

Mr. Reuters news agency reported that applause erupted in the meeting room of the United Nations General Assembly after Qao Mo Tun finished his speech. His stubborn figure and facial expressions flooded Myanmar’s social network, where people hailed him as a hero.

In a related development, Reuters cited information from the Political Prisoners’ Support Association (AAPP), which on February 27 led Myanmar police to arrest hundreds of protesters who were carrying out aggressive measures to counter protests against military conspiracies. On the same day police shot rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators in Yangon eehppi news agency said that.

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