Meeting between Mark Carnew and the new US Secretary of State

Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Carnegie on Friday spoke with his new US opponent, Anthony Blingen, specifically about Iran and China.

In a statement sent in the evening, Minister Carnegie’s office said the two had tried to adopt a common approach to the Chinese company, but it was unclear whether they had arrived.

We know that the US Secretary of State has pledged to work with Ottawa to secure the release of Canadians Michael Gowrick and Michael Spear, who have been detained in China for more than two years.

This is a matter of concern in Canadian-US relations because Meng Wanzhou, the head of the Chinese company Hawaii, was imprisoned in Vancouver following the arrest of “two Michael”.

Iran on the agenda

The US strike, which targeted Iranian installations in Syria, also raised the issue of Iran two days later, the first major decision in the Biden administration’s international policy.

As Canada was dragged down by the Islamic regime in Tehran, Minister Corneo reiterated the importance of getting answers for the families of the victims of the PS752 flight.

Recall that on January 8, 2020, 55 Canadian civilians and 30 permanent residents lost their lives after being hit by an Iranian missile on this Ukraine International Airlines flight.

The incident came amid mounting tensions between Iran and the United States, after the administration executed powerful Iranian General Gossem Solomon.

Three days after Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden, a phone interview was arranged between Mark Carnew and Anthony Blingen.

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