McKinsey, tainted by opiates, will replace the boss

McKinsey, tainted by opiates, will replace the boss

McKinsey Consulting, which has been accused of contributing to the US opioid crisis and being compromised by various scandals, is in the process of voting to replace its boss Kevin Snyder.

«Every three years, McKinsey partners elect one of their colleagues to the position of CEO of the company“, A spokesman told AFP. “The election is being organized by an independent body “On behalf of the world’s largest corporations and government consulting firm, he added.

According to the Financial Times, partners have already decided to replace Kevin Sneader with two finalists, San Francisco-based Bob Sternfels or Amsterdam-based Sven Smith. The indication that the administration of the opiates case has not passed is that Kevin Snyder, unlike his five predecessors, will only stay for a period of time, according to the Financial Daily.

Earlier this month, McKinsey agreed to pay $ 573 million to settle lawsuits filed by U.S. states accusing him of contributing to the crisis through his advice to pharmaceutical companies such as Oxicon’s painkiller manufacturer Burdock Pharma. Lawyers accuse him of his marketing tactics and his role in targeting Burdue pharma doctors.

«We are deeply saddened that the tragic consequences of an epidemic occurring in our communities are not adequately recognized. We believe this agreement is part of a solution to the opioid crisis in the United States.», Commented Kevin Snyder. The Chief of Staff promised in 2019 to break the strong internal culture of secrecy.

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