Historical verdict: Peruvian justice recognizes euthanasia of a woman suffering from degenerative disease

Historical verdict: Peruvian justice recognizes euthanasia of a woman suffering from degenerative disease

A Peruvian judge a Historical sentence Subject to euthanasia in the particular case Ana Estrada, Was the first person in Peru to publicly ask for the right to decide when to die with dignity, But refused to develop a protocol for similar events.

The landmark judgment, issued this Thursday, orders the Ministry of Health and community health insurance (Essalut) Respect and respond to the request of Estrada, 44 Suffers from polymyositis, A degenerative and incurable disease, it weakens her muscles and currently keeps her in bed most of the time.

With this verdict, the doctors who will euthanize Estrada, at the time he decides, Will be exempt from punishment, Because euthanasia is punishable in Peru Imprisonment for three years Under the guise of pious massacre.

Judge’s sentence George Louis Ramirez, The Eleventh Constitutional Court of the High Court of Lima, can be appealed by the Ministries of Health and Justice, as well as by Salute. Prosecutors oppose Estrada’s case, arguing that euthanasia should be legalized in Congress.

However, that Ombudsman’s Office, Has sponsored the Estrada case and is already anticipating it The Constitution will go to court If this judgment is reversed in the second instance.

Medical commissions in seven days

This ruling establishes a consecutive deadline for the Ministry of Health and Esalat Prepare the procedure for fulfilling the request for euthanasia Of estradiol.

First they have to comply with three of the seven days Medical commissions reserve the identity of physicians and subject to the objection of their conscience.

There will be two commissions in Esalut, one detailing the assistance and technical aspects and one A protocol for compliance with Estrada’s right to a dignified death The other is to comply with the practice of euthanasia.

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There will be another commission for the Ministry of Health The project should be approved with assistance and technical features Produced by Essalut.

Once the protocols are approved, Esalot estradiol should be euthanized within a maximum of ten days From the moment she formally expresses her will.

During the trial in this case, Estrada She has already made it clear that she wants to live, And all he wants is the freedom to choose the moment Die with dignity When the conditions of his illness make his life unbearable and unworthy.

Exclusive Moment for the Road

The only aspect is that the judge did not accept the request The Ministry of Health should be ordered to issue orders for other cases such as EstradaSo, for now, Ana will be the only person entitled to euthanasia in Ana.

The verdict is a step towards legalizing euthanasia in a way that is accessible to the entire population, Something that could happen with a bill recently tabled in Congress and inspired by the lawsuit of Ana Estrada.

So far only six countries in the world have legalized euthanasia Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Holland and Luxembourg, When Chile It is to be joined by a law pending approval by the Senate.

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