Telegraph allows unlimited groups, self-destructive messages and more in any chat in its new update

Telegraph allows unlimited groups, self-destructive messages and more in any chat in its new update

Telegraph Dramatically increased the number of its users, Many of them பகிரி, And his Latest update Offers numerous innovations.

Messages that are deleted with any chat between changes, unlimited groups of members, widgets and more.

Self-destructive messages for everyone

Telegraph Allows messages of self-destruction in secret chats since 2013. Users can now enable this option in any chat within 24 hours or seven days of sending.

Shows how much time is left for all messages to be deleted.

For groups and channels, only the administrator can change the timer.

Groups with unlimited members

Groups Telegraph Up to 200 thousand members can become transfer channels without limit of users.

Of these, only admins can send messages, but members can join the voice chat.

The change to the transmission channel will be irreversible.

Improved widgets

Telegraph Now there are widgets for the homepage of cell phones Android. Version Chat Will display messages Shortcut Names and profile photos.

Widgets iOS They are a different matter. Telegraph Indicates that they will only update your information from time to time and cannot be expanded. This is due to “system limitations”.

Calls are generated

Links to invite groups and channels Telegraph They may now have a limited time or a limited number of applications.

As well as Telegraph Integrates invitations via QR code. Administrators can find out what is the best tool to bring users.

Even more so

Telegraph Improves its reporting system, which can report false accounts.

New will come Animated emojis.

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