McPhee and Carlito: Who are the two kings of the web who will soon be called to the Elysee?

McPhee and Carlito: Who are the two kings of the web who will soon be called to the Elysee?

We tried to call them. To make them talk about this “madness” (the word came from them). In order for them to react to their next visit to Elysee, the harassers of the web were invited under the gold of the Republic. Asking them out on accusations of political recovery that fail to thrive despite denials. Vain attempt. McPhee and Carlito are not expected to speak to the press for the next few hours.

As a testament to their many crazy videos on the internet, both are talkative, but rarely spoken to in the media. So, the two friends had a small chance to go around the television sets on Tuesday evening to comment on their achievement: after collecting more than 10 million views on the video praising the banned gestures, “I remember”. A challenge initiated by the head of state for the influential digital duo, of course in the back of his mind, the desire to talk to younger audiences – very popular among 15-25 year olds, McFly and Carlito with 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

David Gutta, Danny Boone and “Petition”

Macron had mentioned a call to Elysee if he won. Two thirties included one condition, icing on the cake. If the ban is exceeded, the “petition” must be submitted to the competition of their famous events because they have already invited him in their videos. A fun and sober exercise that has been attempted in the past by personalities like David Gutta, Guilloom Kenneth, Eric and Ramsey, Danny Boone, Michael Eun or Bigflow and Oli. From Tuesday evening, the Elysee Palace assured us that the Head of State would comply with it in the coming weeks. “It simply came to our notice then. “

Of course without the fuss. These two are not the type to change their tone depending on who they are talking to. One year ago, in early February 2020, we attended their first press conference. Already the stars of the web, the kings of the playgrounds, McFly (David Coscos) and Carlito (Rafael Carlier, son of columnist Guy Carlier) have been loaded to announce their first major time on television on the platform facing DF1’s oils.

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One reflected the fall, the dummies, their models would not deny. The other was wearing an orange hoodie. In front of the group’s big bosses, they repeatedly stated that they had accepted the plan proposed by the largest European television group in exchange for the commitment to “keep Carde Blanche”. Not a “slightly dirty” white card, they insisted.

Video. McPhee and Carlito’s clip on banning gestures: “It’s similar to the need for their challenges. Even if it means controversy ”

“They are outspoken, direct, honest, they are the best people in life just like their videos: ultra cool and credible,” says comedian Yassin Bellhouse, who staged them at the Montreux Comedy Festival. “Entertainment professionals, who are now one of the big stars”, but who have struggled for a long time. Friends from a young age – whom they met at Albert-Camus High School in Boise-Columbus (Hots-de-Sean) – began at McFly and Carlito Radio at 18, and the web pioneers wandered for years with a web television Fat show. Created in 2012 for failing to pick up.

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“During the fat show, we didn’t have 10,000 views, we already had Michael Trucker,” McPhee told us last year. Since then, the stars who come to share their illusions on the web – reactionary games and other competitions of valves, rarely, ever innovative – make fun of each other: Gott Elmale, Pascal Obispo, Patrick Bruel and most recently Pierre Nine. Launched four years ago, the YouTube channel, along with Norman, Cyprian or Scissi, in the armory of French Internet princes, is installing them with over 5 million views of videos.

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“We make the same kind of comedy in life, without cameras.”

Do not be fooled by looks. Kings of the school Potassium. “They are hard workers and support Yasin Belhouse. They are constantly able to find new, simple, relevant ideas. »And combined. In April 2020, the two raised over 400,000 euros for caregivers during a marathon on the web. At this time, the proceeds from their “video ban gestures” will be donated to vulnerable students.

Their engine? Their twins. Return to their only press conference in February 2020. “What motivates you in everyday life? Classic question. The answer is low: “Hummus and eggplant caviar”, Carlito laughs. Before resuming, he added: “The basis of all this is the friendly relationship between us. We have been friends since high school. Without cameras, we create the same humor in life. Singing, screaming, falling, beating, these are more or less good things, depending on the day, which is the basis of everything. The numbers are their magic recipe to go wild on the internet? “It’s very difficult to define for yourself why this works,” McFly said. But it takes time to put happiness at the center of doing things. “

In short, this is the story of friends who laugh and have fun. Eternal children who have become parents. They have two children each. “We don’t show them all the videos, but they like everything they watch,” McPhee assured. Dad’s work is great too! Is there making videos with them from there? “For now, I want to say No way Carlito warned.

It was hard to answer these two when we asked them what limit they had set, long before they were called to the Elysee Palace, even before the ban of more than 10 million was even sprayed within 72 hours. “Nothing really, except unnecessary wickedness,” one slipped. “No limit,” the other confirmed. If we could make a video on the moon with the Americans, we would. “

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“If we make an album, we do a tour”

Their real dream is to be able to call Will Smith in front of their camera and create a video with a certain ally Sabbath. Or Jean Dujardin. “It simply came to our notice then. “With the image of dummies, it almost happened.

Postponed. Plans, however, are non-existent. “We want to make albums, series, movies, and that’s something else,” McPhee listed in February 2020. Last year, they also announced that they were running out of time on YouTube to do something else. “At one point, four shots a day, we can no longer do that. And the scene?” If we do an album, we’re going on a tour, we’ve put on cocks, musicals, things like that. But clean stand, we’m not pretending to do it right now: this We realized how much work a watchmaker does. “

Emmanuel Macron promised McPhee and Carlito to take part in an event competition.  Web light
Emmanuel Macron promised McPhee and Carlito to take part in an event competition. Web light

“They perform so well,” Yassin Belhouse smiles, now eager to see them climb the steps of Elysee Palace and make their video with the head of state. “I trust them, the comedian insists. I think they see this as an opportunity for some crazy, a little special entertainment. They are there to create amazing, exceptional videos. These are not the bosses who do this for the buzz. They are the brave people who will follow their ideas to the end. They are millions today to see that

“What do we want for you today?” “It’s time for the last questions at TF 1’s press conference.” A good evening, “McFill joked.” Stop Time “, introduced the semi-comic, semi-philosopher Carlito.

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