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Khrushchev has blamed a former CIA leader for Kennedy’s assassination


Operation Dragon: The Kremlin’s secret war against the United States

Washington, USA
February 24 2021, 07:37
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Former CIA Director James Ulsi has blamed Communist Party Central Committee Secretary Nikita Khrushchev for the death of 35th US President John F. Kennedy.

The New York Post published a joint book by Ulci and Lieutenant General Ian Bacceba of Foreign Intelligence in Communist Romania, entitled “Operation Dragon: The Kremlin’s Secret War Against the United States.”

According to the authors, Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed Kennedy, was a KGB agent. The man is said to have been appointed by the Soviet Union in 1957 while serving in the US Navy in Japan.

After a series of secret US missions, Khrushchev “personally ordered” him to assassinate the US president.

“Although Oswald wanted to stay in the Soviet Union, he was persuaded by authorities to return to the United States to assassinate Khrushchev’s despised Kennedy. Oswald married a woman from the Soviet Union and was deported to the United States in June 1962,” the book states.

Later, however, Soviet officials “changed their minds” about killing Kennedy, and Oswald was told to abandon the plan. But he “felt a blind love for the Soviet Union”, but did not obey that order, the authors say.

At the same time, the book states that all the evidence for these allegations is contained in the 26th volume report of the Warren Commission, but it has been “encrypted” and no one yet understands what was written there.

John F. Kennedy, one of the most famous American presidents. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. As the head of state’s police moved through the streets of Dallas, he was shot several times.

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Police have arrested Lee Harvey Oswald on suspicion of murder. A few days later, he was shot dead by Dallas resident Jack Ruby at a police station.

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