Dr. Tray: The rapper settles accounts with his wife in an obvious new way

Dr. Tray did not waste time. A few weeks after leaving the hospital with degenerative aneurysm, when he divorced his wife Nicole Young, the rapper expressed his frustration in a song.

At the very least, Dr. Trey is not in the laces when he expresses his anger to his wife behind a Mirko. His rapper friend DJ. Currently on the topic of silk, the latter released a video on Monday (retrieved from the US site) TMZ) We may hear one of Dr. Trev’s verses.

“They lied and tried to kill me with this scam. I see you trying to catch me while I was operating. In my deathbed in intensive care on money issues, this bad picture takes a picture, you know how money comes in,” we might ask.

The difficult divorce between Dr. Trey and Nicole Young continues to plague journalists across the Atlantic, with allegations of fraud or massive alimony. This proceeds behind the rapper’s microphone tops the list of the longest blows the couple have made since it was launched by his wife last summer.

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