EastEnders Christmas Spoilers: Does Linda Know the Horrible Truth About Mick Abuse?

EastEnders Christmas Spoilers: Does Linda Know the Horrible Truth About Mick Abuse?

Linda and Mick at EastEnders

(Image: BBC)

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he was abused in care at EastEnders, but will Linda (Kelly Bright) know the truth at Christmas?

When it was revealed that Frankie Lewis (Rose Eiling-Ellis) was his daughter, Mick realized he had been abused by Katie (Simon Lahbip).

Katie denies the abuse, but getting her back into his life has left him confused and unable to open up about what is happening to his wife Linda.

However, is it possible to set the truth during these festive seasons?

Linda tries desperately to explain to Mick how he feels, but he does not respond.

Linda and Mick at EastEnders

Linda tries to see how Mick feels (Image: BBC)

Desiring to go to him, she reaches for the bottle and makes fun of him – the desire for him to fight for her.

Will Mick finally reveal what he’s up to?

As Christmas approaches, Mick and Olly have lunch with Shirley (Linda Henry), Tina (Louisa Bradshaw-White) and Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith).

Tina Mick presents a gift – this is Katie at their old photo and maintenance home.

Mick freezes.

Will he reveal everything?

Next week, Katie tries to blame Linda for everything that happened.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, Mick is consumed with emotion about his past, and he struggles to cope with the enormous nature of the situation. As he fights the demons of his past, he begins to crumble.

Mick confronts and confronts his deepest fears, while Linda seals her destiny – and learns some shocking facts along the way.

One thing to watch: Friday, January 1 on BBC One.

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