Winter storm in the United States: Niagara Falls freeze in brutal weather

Temperatures dropped to -19C in Niagara, New York, with snow sticking to the top of the falls, large ice floating on the shore and a completely frozen observation deck.

That was when President Joe Biden announced a major catastrophe in Texas – at least 30 deaths after millions of Americans drowned in deadly weather conditions.

Last week, the National Weather Service (NWS) said the worst of the storm had moved across Texas, but more than 100 million Americans were under winter weather warning.

Deaths from winter storms have also been reported in Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Missouri.

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At the bottom of the falls were found floating icebergs, while the surrounding trees and shrubs were covered in snow.

Tourists were amazed to see the waterfall and the ice on the river bank.

Niagara Falls, the official tourist site of the falls, says the river ice forms every winter, according to the United States.

With 3,160 tons of water flowing over Niagara Falls every second, it needs a lot of ice to freeze its falls.

The only time Niagara Falls was technically frozen was on March 29, 1848, when the lake froze and formed an icy dam, which would prevent it from reaching the falls, according to Gulf News.

In nearby Rochester, the snow depth reached 16 inches yesterday, the NWS said.

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