Video. Unusual images of a plane landing on a frozen lake in the United States. How much does the ice layer measure?

Video.  Unusual images of a plane landing on a frozen lake in the United States.  How much does the ice layer measure?

The frozen lake was converted into a runway. It happened in Winnipeg Lake in New Hampshire, USA, where it was cold enough to allow planes to land in dense snow up to 50 centimeters.

Airport manager Paul LaRossell explained that the runway could only be opened when the snow is at least 30 centimeters thick, about 800 meters long – the only ice airport approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). U.S. Air Transport, AFP On Monday, AcerPress quoted.

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“If the snow is not 30 cm thick we will not drive here. If there is 22 cm, 30 cm, 25 cm elsewhere we will not open. Until it is the same thickness everywhere,” said Lorrocell, who came in. . Every day to measure the thickness of the snow.

Last weekend, the thickness reached 50cm, and at the airport, which opened a week ago, with staff from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, several planes landed, albeit without difficulty.

“The snow is slippery. Many pilots say this,” said Carol Niola, one of the runway’s operating officers.

“Although turning and stopping can be difficult maneuvers, they are very easy to do on sidewalks or lawn tracks, but here in the snow it is very different. There is a small layer of snow on the ice, which gives a little grip, but it’s not big,” he added.

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