The strongest forces of 2021 have been announced! Check out Turkey’s rankings …

The strongest forces of 2021 have been announced!  Check out Turkey's rankings ...

Global powerPublished every year Military power The report was released. When compiling the report, sea, wind and land power, number of soldiers and geography are taken into consideration.

Top of the attack helicopters

According to the report, the total population was 82 million 17 thousand 514, with 1 million 406 thousand 994 reaching the age of military service each year. Annual military years # 15 41 million 874 thousand 832 were reported in 139 countries with manpower in Turkey.

Sixth Air Force Attack Helicopters Turkey, according to data from helicopters, trainers and tankers in the top 10 locations.

In the first 3 of the novel forces

Turkey settled in third place in the number of navies, submarines, corvette-covered ground forces and armored vehicles, tanks, which seems to take place within the top 10 heavy weapons.

Turkey’s geographical location on the list of leading advantages and logistics powers. Ports and terminals are also ranked 11th.

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At the top of the Middle East

Turkey, the Middle Eastern country of global power, ranks first among all countries.

Egypt was second and Iran was third. Sort by:

4- Saudi Arabia
5- Israel
6- United Arab Emirates
7- Iraq
8- Syria
9- Kuwait
10- Oman
11- Jordan
12- Yemen
13- Qatar
14- Bahrain
15- Lebanon

After many countries on the left

Global Power has also released a world ranking. Last of many European countries, Bhutan should be 139 places behind Turkey.

31. In the Swedish rankings, Greece is behind Turkey with 29 ranks. Spain is ranked 18th and Germany, one of the strongest countries in Europe, is ranked 15th.

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Turkey ranks 11th out of many countries. The top 3 places include the US, Russia and China respectively.

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